The End Of #JR103

This past Tuesday wrapped up our final class for JR103, digital journalism. This has been the first class that I have had to do a fair amount of hands on projects, including audio pieces, audio soundslides, and a final video project. I have been equipped with knowledge on how to use programs such as Audacity, SoundSlides, imovie, Final Cut, and photoshop. All of my pieces have varied from one another, including an audio piece of Paul Pierce’s record breaking night, a photo audio slideshow over up-and-coming rapper Moufy and a final video piece of an incident that occurred in Emerson’s own Fitness Center. This past semester has led me to do a variety of projects and while they all have their moments that could be worked on to better improve them, I have enjoyed the outcome of every last piece and hope that, with all the qualities I have attained throughout this past semester, can continue to produce pieces even greater than these ones. I have immensely enjoyed JR103 and I cannot wait to see what is in the near future as a student in the field of Journalism.


Video Script

Video Script

Video Story Script over Emerson College Fitness Center’s water damage to the weight room.

Paul Pierce Audio Story

Paul Pierce Audio Story

Audio story about Paul Pierce passing Larry Bird as the Boston Celtic’s second leading scorer all-time.